I hate to say I told you so… but according to this post  “Studies have shown that when we are charitable on a regular basis, it can lead to positive physiological changes like a decrease in blood pressure or lower mortality rates.”

Not one to leave you hanging- CSI training day opportunities are here! Recap: We are getting involved with Nal’ibali in setting up reading clubs at Bongalethu Primary school next year. We will have the opportunity to join these clubs over various dates throughout the year, BUT you have to do the training first!

Research shows that proficiency in reading by the end of third grade enables students to shift from learning to read to reading to learn, and to master the more complex subject matter they encounter in the fourth grade curriculum. Most students who fail to reach this critical milestone falter in the later grades and often drop out before matriculating.

Success story for Nal’ibali from iThemba in Swellendam Schools

After receiving the Nal’ibali training we were very eager to apply our new practical skills of reading at our various iThemba sites. This was proven to be successful for those learners who made the time to show up.

In the beginning of the year, we did a reading and writing assessment with our Grade 6-9 learners. One of our learners, who is currently in Grade 7, had the reading ability of a Grade 1 learner. She could not read at all and had no self-confidence. Our team started reading and sharing stories with her using Nal’ibali’s relaxed approach. This was so much fun for her as she was experiencing learning in a new and fun manner.

In the two months that we have been working with her, she came out of free will, every afternoon, to continue learning how to read.  She is now at a Grade 4 level and is reading to the younger learners who also attend sessions.  Her self-confidence has grown and she is the friendliest girl that you will ever meet! She loves learning rhymes and reading all kinds of books.  Her mother and teachers are amazed by her transformation.  She shares her reading skills with others, especially her mother who has to listen to a new story each week!

Without the Nal’ibali training we would not have been able to be part of this amazing transformation.  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and passion with us.