Hello lovely friends of Kamvalethu!

It’s a new financial year- which means updates to our project partners. For those staff in our business partners who were not able to attend the sessions I held in Feb- I have summarised what we will be up to in 2018 below:

Change in approach.

This year we will be implementing a ‘rating scale’ with our project partners (pp’s) to encourage them all in best practice activities (we are incorporating a range of criteria such as audited financials, community involvement and everything in between). Where the pp sits in the scale will determine how much funding they qualify for and how reporting happens.

Outcomes- Based Funding.

In the past, as long as the pp has ‘ticked’ our selection criteria boxes- they have qualified for funding. This year we are trialing a new approach with some of our pp’s. When drawing up our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a pp, we agree collaboratively on outcomes to be achieved within that financial year. Throughout the year at specific times of feedback, the pp then reports back on how their outcomes are fairing. The pp is then funded accordingly.

As with any new endeavors, we will be monitoring and taking feedback and guidance from our partners along the way.

Projects for 2018

  • The Principals Academy (TPA) at Bongalethu Primary

This is our third year at TPA and as the systemic results from last year show- Keith, Halbert and their teams are hard at work!

Grade 3:

Maths:  Pass i.e. over 50%  :    43 (’14) – 48 (’15) – 48 (’16) – 86 (2017)

Literacy:  Pass (50%)           :   20 (’14) – 29 (’15) – 21 (’16) – 52 (2017) 

These results are just incredible, we are thrilled to see the visible JUMP from the direct intervention TPA is having! This year we will be working with The Bookery and putting a library in at the school for our Madiba Day project and getting involved in Nal’ ibali reading clubs for our CSI days.

  • Bulungula Incubator 

Bulungula did a superb job last year of smashing their own targets and offering the Maths Buddy programme to more kids at more schools than anticipated. This year we are happy to continue to support this programme as well as their new initiative: The Bulunugual College. The College will offer kids a chance to finish their education without having to travel and board in other towns. A major reason a full, quality education has been out of reach for many.

  • Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori (ILM)

This year we will continue to support the ECD centre of Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori in Coffee Bay. The education offered continues to be of a high standard and this year will see a new intake of trainee teachers from the surrounding communities. Unfortunately Marlene (the principal) was diagnosed with cancer and is currently recuperating at home. The teachers have been amazing at stepping up and filling in the gaps. The project coordinator, Katie, will also be leaving the project midway through the year to return home to the U.K. These are all losses and challenges to overcome this year at ILM.

  • Ncinci Ones Montessori

Dawn has done a phenomenal job of growing the school, literally from the ground up. Last year with our help they doubled in size- Ncinci now offers 28 kids an awesome education, in a beautiful environment. We are offering our staff, friends and family the opportunity to donate money to this school for the 2018 financial year.