Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Kamvalethu mean?

Our future

2. What does Kamvalethu do?

Kamvalethu invests money and other resources in schools and NPO’s that are innovators in educating children living in under resourced areas.

3. Why Montessori?

The practical and self-directed nature of the Montessori philosophy works very well in a rural environment. The support the school receives from the Montessori community in the form of training, mentorship and support is heart-warming to see.

4. Can I visit the schools?

People are welcome to visit the schools as part of a pre-arranged agreement with either schools.

5. Can my project apply for funding?

We journey with a small group of project partners and rely on referrals that are directly related to our strategy. We do not have an open proposal process due to limited resources. That being said, if you feel your organisation is perfect for us, then please drop us an email.