The Principal’s Takeover
Keith Richardson | 29 May

There was a flurry of emotive chatter when the presenter asked the roomful of teachers what type of trauma their

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High five Coffee Shack!
Lauren | 2 May

Last month was for fresh air and adventure…this month is for celebrating! Coffee Shack (the guys who started and continue to

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A Wild Coast travel diary
Lauren | 31 March

Monday 27th Flew into Mthatha airport and drove two hours to Coffee Bay, dodging the Transkei big five along the

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New Projects for 2017!
Lauren | 23 March

In our last update we detailed the ways we will further be supporting our project partners in 2017. Kamvalethu has

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Project updates
Lauren | 2 March

Thank you to all the businesses, staff and families who have decided to donate a portion of their hard earned

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Sponsorship 2017 is here!
Lauren | 8 February

Hello to all our business and project partners, Some news from our partner projects as well as the new 2017

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Reflections on 2016
Lauren | 6 December

Sitting down to write this last newsletter of 2016 I am filled with immense gratitude. This year was packed with

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On the AGM and getting ready for Grade 1!
Lauren | 10 November

On Friday 4th November we held our Annual General Meeting for Kamvalethu. All our partner businesses and projects were invited

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AGM prep & Project update
Lauren | 12 October

If Kamvalethu has been quiet for a while, envision the picture of the duck gliding on the water, while it’s

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Science Project Pilot
Lauren | 29 August

Friday 26th August saw the start of our science project collaboration with Bongalethu Primary and Beautiful Gate (BG). Each staff

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