The Bulungula Incubator (BI) is situated about 30 kilometres south, as the crow flies along the coast, from Coffee Bay.

As an “incubator” we wish to enable collaboration by sharing the wealth of knowledge we have collected over the years. We take pride in our work of building innovative strategies, in partnership with our communities, government departments and other organizations.

One of our most successful projects to date has been the establishment of Early Childhood Development (ECD) in our communities.
In order to share our success in developing rural sustainable ECD centres, we have created a Programme Guidebook that outlines our approach, resources, and takeaways.

Ten years ago, quality education— let alone Early Childhood Development (ECD)— was an abstract concept for our community due to limited access to schooling in our areas. In our community, 60% of adults are unable to read or write, and only 5% have ever graduated high school. Prior to the opening of the BI in 2007, the only educational facility available in our area was a collapsed wattle and daub structure, where little teaching of any kind took place.

Photo image: No-Ofisi Primary School prior to collapsing, 2007

Over time, we have worked with our community to establish access to quality learning, and an understanding for parents to demand better education for their children. Today our ECD Parent Committees operate five quality ECD centres (ECDCs) in Xhora Mouth A/A. With the support and guidance of the BI, practitioners have the skills to run the schools, apply for and maintain Department of Social Development (DSD) subsidies, and provide hope for their children’s future livelihoods.


Photo image: Phaphamani Preschool, KwaTshezi Village Document: ECD Programme Toolkit

The impact of our ECD programmes ensures that our children have access to the adequate education, nutrition, and health care needed for them to grow up to live healthy and productive lives.

 We believe that our model can be applied to other rural communities to expand the impact of Early Childhood Development.


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