It’s high time for a catch up with all our project partners on what has been going on in their neck of the woods these last few months:

Ncinci Ones

The brand new rondavel is up and almost finished. Managing the building, running the school and all the admin that goes along with that has understandably been a massive challenge for Dawn. Well done Dawn- you are almost there! We loved our time spent with everyone at Ncinci in August, what a happy little space.

The Principals Academy

The fortnightly mentorship under Keith Richardson continues to grow from strength to strength, with a focus on data to improve results and staff appraisals to improve accountability. Bongalethu teachers have been attending weekly Maths and English mentorship lessons with a neighbouring school. It is so exciting that reading clubs will be up and running at the school next year, these will form the basis of our employee volunteering in 2018.

Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori (ILM)

Unfortunately Marlene, the principal, has been struggling with her health this year. She is in our thoughts as she continues to seek answers. The teachers have been holding the fort while undergoing continuing professional development, what a great achievement to all of them. The latest attendance results have also improved even though there was flu and mumps doing the rounds this term! Awesome work guys!

 Bulungula Incubator

The Maths Buddy programme continues to expand. When I visited in August, the grade 6’s were having their first lesson and the Grade 7’s will be added in the next month. They may even be able to add grade 8’s by the end of the year- thereby exceeding their target. Parents and the community were introduced to the technology at the last community meeting, which was very favourably received. You guys rock!

 Won Life

With Trevor Manuel Primary becoming a Collaboration school this year, Won Life has seen many changes happen. They have been a great support to the school and teachers during this transition period of an increased workload.

…..and that folks is a quick summary of all the hard work going on with our awesome project partners. So the next time someone tells you there’s no hope in South Africa- you know just where to point them!