Introducing our New Project Partners for 2021

These are uncertain times we currently face, we can only but hope that it will get better as the months progress. This is why I have called this blog, “A year of hope”, because at Kamvalethu we have seen much struggle over the last year but always accompanied by amazing resilience and provision. I am excited for what we as the Kamvalethu team have in store for 2021.

January is traditionally a time when we announce our Project Partners and outline our hopes for the year. This year is no different, however, you will notice that we have a smaller cohort of Partners and projects this year. This is due to the uncertain times we are living in and us wanting to take a conservative approach in 2021, not making any promises we don’t feel we can deliver on. Nevertheless, we are excited for what our partners have planned for this year and are very happy to be supporting them in their work.

We will continue to support the ECD in the home programme at Bulungula, where community health workers visit families every week in their own homes to check on the health and developmental milestones of young children. During the hard lockdown of 2020, these health workers pivoted their work to deliver critical Covid-19 prevention education and sanitary equipment to families.

During lockdown First Children were invaluable in facilitating food parcels and learning materials to be distributed to families in need along the Wild Coast. They have continued to motivate and encourage the teachers doing their utmost best in the area.

Above L-R: The Masifunde work booklet; Playing is the work of children; Food parcels

In 2021 we will continue to partner with First Children in starting to see the schools we have worked alongside become their own centers of excellence.

We will be supporting all five of these preschools as part of the Wild Coast Montessori Hub: Ncinci Ones Montessori, Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori, Ejojweni, Ngoko and Zithulele preschools.

The Otto Foundation were really quite inspirational in how they managed to continue their work within schools to enhance literacy, at a time when very few Non-profits were allowed in. They shifted to classroom borrowing and book donations to children- ensuring a love of reading and learning was still being fostered. As well as of course- opening a new library! This year we will be supporting The Otto Foundation in consolidating their work within their now four libraries within schools.

We are choosing to be optimistic this year, we don’t know what lies ahead, but thank everyone for their continuous support and hope you will join us in our optimism too!

“Each year’s regrets are envelopes in which messages of hope are found for the New Year.” – John R Dalles JR