Friday 26th August saw the start of our science project collaboration with Bongalethu Primary and Beautiful Gate (BG).

Each staff member partnered up with two grade 6 learners to delve more into the topic of electricity. The students have been through the theory on electrical circuits in class and while some took this further and put together circuits at home (one child even pulled out a make shift torch from their pocket!) the majority of them were left with only the book knowledge.

Robyn Belling from Spear had a young man who was keen to keep inventing and trying as many different versions as possible. “My highlight was their willingness to learn from us and to work with us – they were so well mannered and overall a blessing to interact with”

We had several teachers from the school who wanted to get involved and were eager to see how the projects were being run. This is very positive when it comes to a future vision for these projects.

Next time around we hope you choose to join us and make use of your allocated CSI day.

“I think to experience difference within our own city can only impact you in a good way. I was once again humbled at where these children live and how chaotic their streets are, and reminded that we actually have so much to be grateful for”.

For more pics of our first staff science project pilot visit the Beautiful Gate Facebook  page.

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