“No social problem is as universal as the oppression of the child

This is what Maria Montessori declared more than 100 years ago and today it is more true than ever. Since 1997, South Africa has had a National Child Protection Week, which is an annual commemoration to raise awareness of the Rights of Children. National Child Protection week will run from 30 May- 6 June 2021 and at Ncinci ones, we believe every citizen has to play their role in stopping the cycle of neglect, abuse, violence and exploitation of children.

At Ncinci Ones Montessori, we are now caring for and providing for 30 young children in a safe, secure and stimulating environment in which to develop their will, self-discipline, concentration and self-confidence.  They enjoy their two nutritious meals per day and a natural calcium supplement.

Our two teachers have been attending teacher training sessions and workshops and are feeling inspired and empowered.  They have hosted a parent workshop independently and are sharing the Montessori values with our parents, including care and respect of children, as well as allowing independence. Whatever the home environment is at home, rest assured that when the children walk through the Ncinci One’s gates they are safe and able to explore their world without fear.


With National Child Protection week coming up, I want to share the biggest, strongest nugget I brought back from the Montessori Conference we recently attended.  Parents, teachers and caregivers…..please CONNECT with a child who is unhappy or distressed (hug them if they are not tactile defensive). Connection is the only thing that is able to calm a distraught child. More damage can be done by isolating and abandoning the child.

Let’s all play our part, wherever we can, to care for the children!

Our care of the children should be governed not by the desire to ‘make them learn things’, but by the endeavor always to keep burning within them the light which is called intelligence

Photography Credit: Dawn Brochenin

*If you are aware of any young child that may be at risk or vulnerable, please call ChildLine on 08000 555 55.


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