Greetings from Sustainable Coffee Bay NPO!

As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, we are reminded of the beautiful interconnectedness that binds us all together. This Autumn, we are delighted to share stories of unity and collaboration in our ongoing efforts to promote education, provide rural assistance, and foster community development. Join us as we celebrate the profound impact we can achieve when we work together.


Education: Nurturing Minds, Building Connections

In the realm of education, we have witnessed first hand how interconnectedness can shape young minds and empower communities. We are thrilled to announce that Ikhaya Labantwana (ILM) currently has 61 children enrolled for 2024.

A heartfelt congratulations to Noxolo and Nonzame, two of our teachers, for passing their Montessori exams! They are now qualified Montessori Directresses, contributing greatly to our children’s educational journey.

The Wellness Wagon Mobile Clinic in collaboration with Bulungula Incubator guaranteed Ikhaya Labantwana received some much-needed preventative treatment for our children, ensuring their health and well-being. Each child at ILM receives two nutritious meals a day along with their daily vitamins. We strongly believe that balanced nutrition and full tummies are essential foundations for our children’s healthy living and learning.

School in action at ILM

Early Childhood Development (ECD) in the home, ECD towards rural assistance: Strengthening Communities Through Unity

In our rural community, the spirit of interconnectedness is palpable in our efforts to aid and provide support to all ILM parents, teachers and members outside our Montessori learning curriculum who benefit from ILM ECD Hub initiatives.

We are proud to announce the expansion of our ILM ECD Hub program. This project, made possible through collaboration with local leaders, primary caregivers, teachers, and community NGOs has brought sustainable capacity building practices to the forefront, ensuring higher educational and economic stability for generations to come. As part of this program, trained home facilitators pay weekly visits to the parents in the community. At these visits they hold one on one or group sessions for both the parents of the children at ILM and those whose children are not yet in school, with children aged between 0-3 years old in our surrounding villages. They follow a home visiting curriculum, helping to provide psychosocial education to the parents, empowering them to be actively involved in their child’s education and the school activities.

The ECD in the home program is geared towards achieving the following impact goals: ECD becomes the norm in the area; improving learning outcomes in the children’s later lives; less absenteeism due to better health; parents become advocates for quality education and increasing the number of preschools offering quality education with quality teachers.

Moreover, our community-led initiatives have united villagers in shared efforts to share knowledge and ideas on curriculum best practices as we host teacher workshops for local ECD centres and Grade R teachers from the local primary school. We are excited to be witnessing the power of collective action in creating sustainable and resilient communities.

Village Walk participants visit Ikhaya Labantwana

Building Bridges, Creating Opportunities, Reaching goals

At the heart of our mission is to increase access to quality education, skills development, and employment by working with our community. This season, our collaborative learning initiatives have flourished, bringing students, teachers, and volunteers together in a shared journey of knowledge and growth.

Through our village walk in partnership with Coffee Shack Backpackers, travellers from diverse backgrounds are forming bonds that transcend cultural and social barriers. We are thrilled to see how these connections are not only improving academic performance but also fostering a sense of cultural exchange and understanding among our young learners. Our weekly visits from guests at the Coffee Shack Backpackers bring great excitement to our ILM children.

As we reflect on the profound impact of interconnectedness in our work, we invite you to join us in celebration and action. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Kamvalethu, DG Murray Trust and the Department of Education for their continued funding and support. A special thank you to our monthly sponsors and donors. Thank you for your commitment to our interconnected strategic goals that create opportunities to strengthen unity and empower our rural community towards a ripple effect of change, one child at a time. Thank you for being a part of the ILM family and we echo Desmond Tutu’s words in closing “A person is a person through other persons.”