Lunch from the Ngoko garden

We have a nice garden full of vegetables.  Menzi started the garden in September 2022 and he showed us how to plant and how to keep the soil moist, by always covering it with grass cuttings or leaves.

Peeling veggies for lunch

After Menzi left, we asked mama Notatile, a woman from the area who was suffering a lot. to come and work in our garden.  She is planting seedlings and knows a lot about gardening.  The children work in the garden by watering the plants and they harvest vegetables when they are ready.  The children also peel and chop vegetables from the garden, for the lunch that is being prepared.

This is very important for the children, as they now also help their parents in the gardens at home.

We have eaten pumpkins, spring onions, tomatoes, spinach and green peppers from our garden.  We are also growing some maize and we have a few paw paw trees growing.

The woman who is working in the garden, Notatile, is so happy about this, because she was asking for food from other houses to cook.  Now she is getting her garden salary every month and her life has improved a lot.



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