ILM Teachers – Leaders & Role Models

What a better way to start the year than to hear from the teachers from Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori (ILM) in Coffee Bay! These incredible ladies were the first cohort trained in 2014 and now teach within their own communities. They are leaders and role models to the children and the parents in their lives. Here they share and reflect on something of their journey, what they have learnt and how they have grown. Inspirational feedback!

Nomonde Majongozi

Being an ECD Teacher has changed my behaviour with children because I have done Early Childhood Development training. Before the training, I did not know what words to use in front of them. In the community, and at home, I realised that it is very important to encourage both parents and children in a good manner. I am confident and inspired to be involved in the Early Childhood Development Centre. I wish we could get more people to understand the importance of developing the child from an early stage.

“I realised that it is very important to encourage both parents and children …”

Noxolo Mtyana

Teaching changed me for the better because now I know that I must respect people. I know that I should be an example in the community and children should see me as their role model. I encourage people to send their children to school because I know the importance of education and I understand the importance of attending school regularly, I do not like seeing children who bunk school.

I now know how to deal with children at home, because I understand that each child has different stages of development; there is a stage where they want to do things by themselves and they must not be stopped. Each child has a teacher inside guiding themselves and they want to be independent.

“Each child has a teacher inside themselves…”

Fundiswa Sihoyo

Teaching changed my life. Growing up I never thought I would be a teacher because of the bad treatment we got from teachers back in the day. Now I love teaching after studying the Montessori method. I am now confident to stand in front of the children and answer the questions they ask.

The Montessori method of teaching taught me that the child, their environment, the teacher, and starting school young are very important. The child learns through the environment, independence, freedom of movement and choice, and the teacher supervises. ECD helps children a lot because they learn independence and to socialise from a young age.

“Teaching changed my life.”

Nokuthula Sinyeke

Being a teacher gave me confidence. Teaching has changed my life in the community, I respect other people and listen to their point of view. I am confident, but I give other people a chance to show their knowledge or skills.

My communication has changed, and I treat children equally with no punishment. I used to do everything for the children but now I let them do some things on their own; I only guide them on how to do other things like cleaning. I don’t believe in hitting the child.

“Being a teacher gave me confidence.”

After the success of this first training cohort, a further 14 students were selected for the next round which started in 2018. Kamvalethu proudly supports this initiative run by First Children and we look forward to sharing more on our Strategic Plan over the next few weeks.

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