We collaborate with businesses to craft their social investment future by offering the following:

kan-log1smallwhite  The Purpose Of Kamvalethu

kan-log1smallwhite  SED Donation

We get that share ownership can be a scary idea, if you aren’t yet ready for that step but want to investigate our relationship further, consider donating.

Socio-Economic Development (SED) is about facilitating sustainable access into the economy for previously disadvantaged, specifically, black people. As part of improving a business’s B-BBEE score a company must spend 1% of NPAT to get the full points on offer. Why not make that donation to Kamvalethu?

kan-log1smallwhite  Share Ownership

If your company goal is to improve your B-BBEE ownership score,
we can help. Would your company be prepared to sell or donate shares to Kamvalethu? Kamvalethu is a Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Scheme. Any business in which Kamvalethu has shares would be able to acquire the equivalent B-BBEE points for the purposes of black ownership. This will  improve your business score by numerous levels under the latest B-BBEE codes. By completing the Expression of Interest we can get the ball rolling and assist you in making a difference today.

kan-log1smallwhite  Individual Donating

People donating to PBO’s that carry out certain activities may deduct such donations, up to a certain amount, from their taxable income. Kamvalethu is a registered NPO with PBO status and thus may grant S18A tax certificates that allow you to claim a tax deduction.

kan-log1smallwhite  Hands On

Being an employer of choice means offering your staff various opportunities, among which a serious CSI programme should feature. We can help you incorporate CSI days into your company culture that go beyond just painting a wall!

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