Our Board

Rowan SQ-min

Rowan Haarhoff

B.A. LLB (UCT), B.Th. (UP), Lic.Th.(CTBS)
Rowan, an attorney by profession, is currently the General Manager of Munro Forensic Actuaries. He has been involved in NPO’s from volunteering to board level for many years, and is one of the founding trustees of Kamvalethu. He supports the Project Director operationally and in the roll out of Kamvalethu’s projects.

Alex SQ-min

Alex Munro

B. Bus. Sci (Act) (UCT), F.A.S.S.A.
Alex is an actuary by profession and founder-owner and managing director of Munro Forensic Actuaries. Prior to this he worked as an actuary for one of South Africa’s biggest life insurance companies, and is a registered financial planner. He also serves as a director for some of Kamvalethu’s other business partners.

Jade Ford SQ-min

Jade Ford
Board Member

Grid Forensic Accounting
Jade worked at SARS for 10 years before moving to Spain to indulge her passion for singing and dancing! She has been an invaluable addition to Grid Forensic Accounting. Jade describes her heart’s passion as helping everyone she can! “I believe that no matter what your circumstance is, you need to have a dream, you need to be heard and you need to be loved”.

Quinton SQ-min

Quinton Mitchell
Board Member

CEO FinServe
Quinton has worked in the life insurance and finance industry for 25 years, particularly within the consulting and distribution environment. He also serves as non-executive director and trustee for other companies where he provides strategic direction to businesses. He is the National Chairman of the South African YMCA.

Lauren 2SQ-min

Lauren McGill
Project Director

M. Social Development
Lauren has worked as a social worker in statutory, health, private practice as well as the NPO field. She has a Masters in Social Development. She finds herself happiest in between the business and NPO space, working with people and seeing them thrive. Lauren joined Kamvalethu in 2015 and has assisted the board in refining and executing Kamvalethu’s core purpose.