Our Approach To Funding

Currently there exists no formal authoritative body for the CSI industry in South Africa, this has led to a lot of money disappearing into ineffective programmes. We are committed to understanding and implementing best practice in the work we do.

We believe that the business and project partner relationship is equal. We both need and serve each other. Sometimes this can be skewed because of the nature of the relationship, but we are always working towards improving this. In 2018 we are experimenting with a few different ways to make partnering clearer and more transparent.

One of these focus areas is piloting an Outcomes Based Funding model with three of our project partners. Outcomes Based Funding prioritises impact over process and allows the project partner to focus on delivering the work they set out to.

What We Fund

  • Only schools/ education projects in under resourced areas
  • Mentor based training for teachers & principals (not off-site retreats etc.)
  • Projects with enthusiasm to grow and be challenged

What We Don’t Fund

  • Anything out of the education scope
  • Individual scholarships and bursaries
  • Government provision items (infrastructure; textbooks etc.)