To advance the quality of youth education in under resourced communities

At Kamvalethu we do things a little differently and here’s why…

South Africa is faced with many complex social issues which can’t be solved in isolation. We have brought together people in the corporate and NPO spaces to try and find collaborative solutions. Using our sustainable dividend income model, we can fund and support our project partners to focus on what they are really good at: Educating our children!

Why our focus is on education

Our Vision is a basic right enshrined in our Constitution as well as one that mirrors the United Nations Developmental Goal #4 – Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.

Research shows that on average learners in the bottom 4 quintiles (least wealthy 80%) are already about three grades behind in learning at Grade 3! Their trajectory seems to indicate that while they will remain in school and pass, that they will have a learning deficit that is unlikely to be reversed. This effectively means that by Grade 4 the majority of our learners’ future financial and career opportunities are already limited.
(Kotze, J & Spaul, N. “Starting behind and staying behind in SA”. 04/12/2014)

What if we worked together with these lower performing schools to try and bridge this gap?

With a high unemployment rate and limited amount of unskilled jobs in South Africa, it just makes sense (not only for the individual but for the economy!) to focus on education. Particularly in the under resourced areas. Areas which have been shown to make the biggest difference to a child’s successful education are Early Childhood development (ECD); Foundation phase schooling; Grade 10-12 learner retention and School leadership. Herein lies our focus.