10 Steps To Becoming A Business Partner

kan-log1smallwhite  1. Explore the heartbeat of Kamvalethu (website/ company profile/ annual report)

kan-log1smallwhite  2. Fill in an “Expression of interest form”

kan-log1smallwhite  3. We will contact you to set up a meeting

kan-log1smallwhite  4. Meet with our Chairman of the board to discuss partnership

kan-log1smallwhite  5. Due diligence process followed (review of business)

kan-log1smallwhite  6. Options presented for partnership

kan-log1smallwhite  7. Agreement reached

kan-log1smallwhite  8. Official documentation drawn up

kan-log1smallwhite  9. Final meetings with board members, BBB-EE auditors etc.

kan-log1smallwhite  10. Project Director meets and enthuses staff on the new journey